Access all the press directly from your vehicle equipped with aWiiBox.

The press on your smartphone

Offer your passengers an online newspaper service that will give them access to all their favourite newspapers, magazines and local press.


A wide variety of content

WithWiiPressyou will have access to a selection of content for all passengers and all types of journeys:

- Regional, national and international press
- Ebooks (novels, travel guides, ...)
- Lifestyle and sports magazines
- Audiobooks
- Marvel collection

A wide variety of content

WiiPress will give you access to a selection designed for the whole family and all types of travel with a wide range of content:

- Regional / international press & lifestyle / sports magazines
- Ebooks (novels, travel guides, ...)
- Audiobooks
- A Marvel collection

An innovative and secure press service

WiiPressis a secure online platform that provides access to various press content for all passengers connected to theWiiBox.

Available on all connected devices

See also:WiiVOD

WiiVODis a video on demand service adapted to the world of transport.