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Who are we ?

Established in December 2013, WiiBus is an Internet Service Provider specialized in the transport and in particular the Bus and Coach industry.

Genuine telecommunications operator declared to ARCEP and the CNIL, WiiBus takes care of everything and allows its customers to concentrate on the essential: their business.

In order to meet the growing and specific demand,WiiBus has structured its activity into 5 different brands: WiiBus (buses & coaches), WiiCamp (camping cars & converted vans), WiiTruck (trucks & vans), WiiHealth (ambulances & emergency vehicles), and WiiBoat (boats).

GPN Partner

In 2021 WiiBus joined the GPN (Global Passenger Network) as a strategic partner. This global network is composed of many players in passenger transport. WiiBus is committed to providing quality services to all members of the group.

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Our services

On-board WiFi

With our wide range of WiiBox, equip your vehicles with a powerful WiFi network that will satisfy your passengers and adapt to different situations.


In addition to on-board public WiFi, WiiBus  also offers a geolocation system so that you can keep a close eye on your various vehicles.

Usage statistics

This web-based platform allows you to collect a lot of information related to the use of WiFi in vehicles equipped with a WiiBox.

On-board entertainment

Online  Press

WiiPress allows your users to read the latest publications directly on their devices while on the move.

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